About Us


Both Lee and I (Betsy) grew up and graduated from Viroqua, WI and married in 2012. Our first born was born in 2015 and she was just two years old when we were told we were expecting triplets; we knew we needed more space.

We decided to sell our Viroqua home, the home we brought our first baby home to.

In 2017, we ended up renovating an old house in Westby, WI. The Westby house renovation tested our individual strength and marriage. We ended up bringing 2 babies' home, born 10 weeks too soon, but healthy. However, our goal remained, we wanted to bring them up in the country and in a small school district.

In 2018, we literally fell into a home with 15 acres, everything we were asking for. After settling in our new Cashton home, we thought about a crop we could grow to help get our 'city' girls outside, show them hard work, and provide a fruitful future for them. We chose to grow lavender. However, the learning curve was steep!

Our first 2 years were trial… and mostly error, but we didn't give up and turned those errors into knowledge. This is our 4th year (2023) planting and growing lavender. We have about 200 established plants in the ground and plan to rapidly expand. We are so very grateful for the beauty of our property and the strength of our family.